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Post by Wesley Crusher's Wife on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:12 pm

Here is a list of Star Trek books that I have and want. The ones in Bold are the ones that I have.

Encounter at Farpoint
All Good Things...
First Contact

01. Ghost Ship
02. The Peacekeepers

03. The Children of Hamlin
04. Survivors
05. Strike Zone

06. Power Hungry
07. Masks
08. The Captains' Honor
09. A Call to Darkness
10. A Rock and a Hard Place
11. Gulliver's Fugitives
12. Doomsday World

13. The Eyes of the Beholders
14. Exiles
15. Fortune's Light
16. Contamination

17. Boogeymen
18. Q-in-Law
19. Perchance to Dream

20. Spartacus
21. Chains of Command
22. Imbalance

23. War Drums
24. Nightshade
25. Grounded
26. The Romulan Prize
27. Guises of the Mind
28. Here There Be Dragons
29. Sins of Commission
30. Debtors' Planet
31. Foreign Foes
32. Requiem
33. Balance of Power
34. Blaze of Glory
35. The Romulan Stratagem
36. Into the Nebula
37. The Last Stand
38. Dragon's Honor
39. Rogue Saucer
40. Possession
41. Invasion! #2: The Soldiers of Fear
42. Infiltrator
43. A Fury Scorned
45. Intellivore
46. To Storm Heaven
47. Q Continuum #1: Q-Space
48. Q Continuum #2: Q-Zone
49. Q Continuum #3: Q-Strike
50. Dyson Sphere
51. Double Helix #1: Infection
52. Double Helix #2: Vectors
53. Double Helix #3: Red Sector
54. Double Helix #4: Quarantine (Double Helix novel)
55. Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing
56. Double Helix #6: The First Virtue
57. The Forgotten War
58. Gemworld, Book One
59. Gemworld, Book Two
60. Tooth and Claw
61. Diplomatic Implausibility
62. Maximum Warp #1: Dead Zone
63. Maximum Warp #2: Forever Dark
64. Immortal Coil

Metamorphosis (TNG Giant #1)
Vendetta (TNG Giant #2)
The Devil's Heart
Dark Mirror
Day of Honor
#1: Ancient Blood
Ship of the Line

Starfleet Academy:
The Best and the Brightest
Planet X
The Captain's Table
#2: Dujonian's Hoard
The Dominion War
#1: Behind Enemy Lines
#3: Tunnel Through the Stars
Triangle: Imzadi II
I, Q
The Valiant
The Genesis Wave:
The Genesis Wave, Book One
The Genesis Wave, Book Two
The Genesis Wave, Book Three
Section 31:
#3: Doors Into Chaos
What Lay Beyond (conclusion)
A Hard Rain
The Battle of Betazed
Do Comets Dream?
The Genesis Wave:
Genesis Force
Signature Edition
The Q Continuum
Imzadi Forever
The Hand of Kahless
Engines of Destiny
The Lost Era:
The Buried Age
The Sky's the Limit
Slings and Arrows (eBooks)
1. A Sea of Troubles
2. The Oppressor's Wrong
3. The Insolence of Office
4. That Sleep of Death
5. A Weary Life
6. Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment

A Time to... series
Star Trek: A Time to..., set during the months leading up to Star Trek Nemesis.
...Be Born
A Time for War, A Time for Peace

Post-Nemesis novels
Death in Winter
Before Dishonor
Greater than the Sum
Star Trek: Destiny (crossover event)
Losing the Peace
Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony
Indistinguishable from Magic
Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night
Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn
Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship
Cold Equations: The Persistence of Memory
Cold Equations: Silent Weapons
Cold Equations: The Body Electric

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