Rules! Read This First!!!!!! (Rule #20 has been ADDED as of 9-16-15)

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Rules! Read This First!!!!!! (Rule #20 has been ADDED as of 9-16-15) Empty Rules! Read This First!!!!!! (Rule #20 has been ADDED as of 9-16-15)

Post by Wesley Crusher's Wife on Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:03 pm

01. No fighting please.

02. Don't be rude to any of the other members if so you will be banned!

03. Stay on topic with the main posts.

04. Spamming is okay. Spamming is simple one-lined posts, such as "lol," or "That's good."

05. Do not post random posts asking to be a mod or admin.

06. Profanity is allowed.

07. Keep all posts in English. Foreign languages are not allowed.

08. Remain courteous and respectful to other users of the forum at all times. Kidding is acceptable.

09. Do not post the same thing repeatedly (spamming). This includes posting the same thing in multiple forums (cross posting).

10. Never re-post something a moderator has deleted (in any forum).

11. Post each topic in the most appropriate forum.

12. Please use a user name which is not considered distasteful, come on now use
your common sense. We will edit your user name if this is the case.

13. Double logins (multiple accounts) are prohibited. Although, it is ok for two or more members to share a computer.

14. Pretending to be another member is a HUGE no. If we find out you are posing as someone esle, you will be warned and that account (with their posts) will be deleted.

15. You are prohibited from using the services to advertise commercial products or 'other' discussion forums. It’s rude and will not be accepted. No advertising of any kind is accepted in here.

16. No trading of Games, Music, Movies, Software or Hardware of anykind. Selling anything is NOT allowed here either, we are not ebay.

17. All images must be suitable for all audiences. No nudity or porn is allowed on here. If there are any nudity or porn images they will get deleted without warning!

18. Admin/mods decisions are final. We will delete/edit posts if necessary if these simple rules are not being followed. Polls and topics regarding admin/mod decisions will be deleted. They have the final say on ALL matters regarding anything and everything on this board.

19. Please do not type in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS or TyPe WiTh AlTeRnAtInG cApS either. (It tends to annoy people.)

20. No posting posts for FREE DOWNLOADS! If this continutes the post will be deleted without warning!

Rules! Read This First!!!!!! (Rule #20 has been ADDED as of 9-16-15) 2nvh5rs
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Wesley Crusher's Wife

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